Jan Marquart LCSW, Author

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Jan Marquart LCSW, Author

Jan is an interactive therapist who works to help clients resolve structural, psycho-dynamic, traumatic, and other life issues that block the ability to thrive. She has been counseling relationships, corporations, and family systems since 1979.

Consider for a minute that  87% of our self-talk is negative and that we have approximately 65,000 thoughts a day. It is estimated that 60-90% of primary care doctor visits are due to stress-related symptoms.  At some point we all have unmanageable stress and will need help and guidance in matters of the complications of every day life. 

Jan’s one question is: “How can I help you?”

Jan has counseled families, couples, individuals, and corporations since 1979. Over the years Jan has learned that one’s inner power to be creative with coping skills maintains good mental health. Her writing process, as you can tell by the books below, has led her through challenging and traumatic times of her own. She offers this knowledge to you. Not everyone likes to write, but for everyone, creativity can be one of the best healing tools. Jan has assisted clients in finding ways to change their lives and heal through the therapeutic and creative processes. Every individual, couple and family is capable of establishing good mental health skills, even through the most difficult times.

Many people have asked Jan how she has survived forty years of helping people with their problems. Jan’s philosophy and perspective is quite different than this. Jan believes that clients do not bring her their problems; she believes they bring her their glimmer of hope to help them find new decisions and perspectives for their healing and well-being. To Jan, that is inspiring. Who wouldn’t want to continue being involved in that kind of engagement with people?

To reach Jan for an appointment, please call 512 795 0074. Currently Jan is only seeing clients on Tele-health.  Please note: Jan is not seeing families or minors on tele-health.

Jan makes all first appointments through a phone call as she likes to speak with her clients personally. For Jan, the therapeutic relationship is of the utmost importance. She does not make appointments through an email. She does not text.

Jan’s mission as a psychotherapist: To help people find ways to integrate hard times with their dreams for the future, to cope and manage their pain, suffering, and life issues so they can heal and manage their own lives. Her motto is: beauty for ashes.

Jan Marquart LCSW (licensed clinical social worker) is the author of:Light,aBookofPoems  nevertoolate  WritetoHeal   1256335_Frontbw_cover   breathnewcover   Cracked Open, a Book of Poems   eternal_cover-final   Front Cover_voices3552509small   frontawriterswisdom   Echoes   ManualBullysmall   Kate-new cover  This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is still-cover-high-res.jpg mindful final coversmallThe Mindful Writer, Still the Mind, Free the Pen won Story Circle Network’s Editor’s Choice Award for 2014. Never Too Late, won Story Circle Network’s Editor’s Choice Award for 2017.

unveil-womanwithumbrella2  Unveil the Wounded Self, A Guided Journal for PTSD Sufferers, is a 6-week writing course designed to uproot and offer recovery from trauma causing PTSD and Complex PTSD. This writing course has demonstrated a link between writing, addiction, and the ceasing of addictive behaviors. Uprooting trauma, healing emotional wounds from childhood, and setting a vision for the future is changing lives. To read testimonies for Jan’s 6-week intensive writing course – Unveil the Wounded Self- A Guided Journal for PTSD Sufferers, scroll down to the end.

In addition to this 6-week course for PTSD sufferers, Jan also offers a 6-week course to understand, regulate, and decrease anger issues. (not in book form yet)

Jan is also the author of ten children’s books. Motto: Educating Minds/Touching Hearts. See Amazon.com for these theme-based educational, interactive, and fun books:

CoverFinal  Things To Do Outside Cover  Rain Wheels_cover ccFamilies_Cover bugs SeaCover MorningCover OnYourHead  BabiesCover 

All books are published in Spanish — please check on Amazon.com

Call: 512 795 0074 for an appointment with Jan Marquart LCSW

Please note: Jan sees clients Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays.

**Jan does not do fitness-for-duty paperwork, insurance cases, or short term disability paperwork.

Jan is on the following insurance panels:

BlueCrossBlueShield Insurance, Anthem EAP, Cigna Insurance, Cigna (EAP), Aetna Insurance, Aetna (EAP), Magellan (EAP), Magellan Insurance, EAPrefer, Personal Assistance Services (EAP), UofT (EAP), Perspective (EAP),  Compsych (EAP), Mutual of Omaha (EAP),  Interface (EAP), American Behavorial Health (EAP), Curalinc (EAP), Health Advocates (EAP), ACI (EAP), Unicare (EAP), Modern Health (EAP).

Jan gets on new insurance panels all the time so, if you do not see your insurance company here, please ask.

For clients without insurance or who choose not to bill insurance, her private fees are listed below. (note: insurance information is permanent. Many clients choose not to have therapists bill for sessions in order to leave mental health care off their permanent health records.)

1. individual counseling  $150

2. couple $160

3. family  $160

4. corporate mediation $200

To read testimonies for Jan’s 6-week intensive writing course – Unveil the Wounded Self, (formerly Write to Heal), scroll down to the end.

To ask for help for mental health therapy is an act of courage.

It is sad to say, but needing mental health still stigmatizes many who need help. Calling a therapist or psychiatrist is an act of healing. And it is just as valid as eating well, exercising, getting a massage, or seeing a doctor for diabetes.

Today, because of all the medications on the market for anxiety and depression, clients often coming to Jan asserting they have a mental illness. When she asks them what their mental illness is they define it by saying they have anxiety or they have depression. We each have access to a full range of emotions. Anxiety and depression are not necessarily a mental illness. In fact, most of the time, anxiety and depression are normal emotional reactions to the stresses, disappointments, and traumas of everyday life situations. These emotions can be attenuated and/or resolved through therapy.

Therapy is a way of taking care of your self in the most important and intimate way possible. Our minds lead us through everything in life. They hold our beliefs, emotions, energy, and spiritual awareness and we can lose track of it all far too easily with a busy and distracted lifestyle. Everything we do from moving our arms, to digesting, to feeling our emotions originates in our minds. Why not keep the mind as healthy as possible?

What does it mean to have a mental health diagnosis? It means that you have symptoms that bother you, and who doesn’t? In therapy you can address the need for new coping methods and through learning new ways of thinking, believing, and behaving you design new choices  for changing your life and feeling better. Perhaps these changes have to do with your relationships with others and perhaps these changes have to do with your relationship with your self. When we focus on our emotional pain, our disappointments, the situations that happened to us, the many experiences we have lived through, we give ourselves the opportunity to grow through inner wisdom.

Sometimes medication is a source of relief or a way to attenuate depression or anxiety in order to get relief from symptoms. But medication does not heal the root of problems. Going into therapy ought not be seen as a negative thing but as an act of personal courage, integrity, and self-care. Everyone needs help from time to time. Everyone!

Recognizing a need for help is an act of wisdom not weakness.

Some of the primary aspects of Jan’s practice involve helping:

  • families re-balance,
  • couples sort out pre-marital concerns or marital conflicts,
  • mother/daughter conflicts,
  • those in recovery from substance abuse,
  • mediate employer/employee conflicts,
  • direct steps to take if being stalked,
  • break cycle of abuse in domestic violence, and
  • teach ways to cope and recover from environmental illness/multiple chemical sensitivity
  • overcoming childhood conflicts
  • overcoming childhood family distresses.

Clinical studies prove that talk therapy changes brains and allows clients to uncover, recover, and discover new ways to think, feel, and live differently.

Jan has audios you can listen to if you want to learn more about her.
Listen to her introduction on working with families:


Listen to a video about the power of writing and its effect on healing.

Here is a link of Jan’s interview on the Janet Love Show in which she spoke on writing and healing.


Here is an excerpt from her book Write to Heal which can be ordered on http://www.JanMarquart.com or Amazon.com. This book gives a basic foundation for learning how writing can help to overcome emotional obstacles.

Here is an audio on writing and healing along with an audio about her book Echoes From the Womb, a Book for Daughters:


Jan is an interactive therapist who works to help clients resolve both structural and psychodynamic problems. She has been counseling relationships, corporations, and family systems since 1979.

Consider for a minute that  87% of our self-talk is negative, have approximately 65,000 thoughts a day, while 60-90% of primary care doctor visits are due to stress-related symptoms.  At some point we all need help and guidance in matters of daily life.  How can I help you?

Unveil the Wounded Self- A Guided Journal for PTSD Sufferers  — testimonials:

This program does not replace medical treatment by a physician. Medication is usually lessened or not needed after this course but all changes in medication need be tritated with a therapeutic plan by an M.D.

Testimonials:From the beginning, Jan’s class, which focused on moving through and beyond a difficult experience, felt hopeful. With each writing we took another significant step toward deep healing. Jan brings to her teaching rich, relevant experiences from her own life and work, and she always was supportive and encouraging in her assignments and feedback. She shared with us valuable tools and resources to help us continue healing after the class is over.
Susan, Texas
Jan Marquart’s Healing journaling class was the opportunity to start writing honestly and in a loving atmosphere about my trauma. It came at the right time for me; the journaling exercises and the healing tools provided a strong and efficient background which allowed me to put words on the unbearable and slowly but surely start embarking on my long healing journey. I highly recommend it.  Sabrina, Bordeaux, France.
I recently took the Unveil the Wounded Self – Write to Heal course with Jan Marquart. Jan guided me through the 6 writing assignments, and more importantly helped me over the humps and bumps of a struggle over which I had been beating myself up for many years (I thought only about 10 years, but it came out, through the process of Unveil the Wounded Self, that it was much longer than that!).  I’m not going to tell you there weren’t painful moments during those 6 weeks; there were (though, fewer in number than the hopeful ones!).  And Jan was there to accompany me through whatever wall I hit.  There was always light at the end of the tunnel. For the first time in decades, I know how to recognize the telltale signs of old, self-sabotaging habits, raising their ugly little heads; and also what to do to stop the futile thought process, and overcome those pesky, previously relentless, demons.  Having worked with Jan, I am now able to use this process on my own for any subsequent “insurmountable” inner-struggle.I never thought a 6-week course could get me through something I had been challenged by for so long.  I decided to work with Jan because I thought to myself, “I’ve tried everything else! I have nothing to lose!” Not only did I not lose, I won —  thanks to Jan and her unique combination of knowledge, insight and guidance. I recommend this course highly! Barbara – USA

Jan Marquart LCSW (512) 795 0074